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Our New Book is Now Available

 For years people have asked me to share the details of how I make a rattlesnake walking stick. So along with the help of my family, I have written a fully illustrated and detailed, how-to-carve a diamondback rattlesnake walking stick book. I hope that this guide will help save you time and frustration as you carve your own functional artwork.

We are also excited to announce that we have a new carving tutorial video!

makitta web.jpg

This video tutorial demonstrates the step by step process of carving a Mojave green rattlesnake walking stick from start to finish. This is the same carving project that is taught in the "How to Carve a Rattlensake Walking Stick" book and will make a good companion.

Book Cover How to Carve a Rattlesnake Walking Stick.jpg

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In this easy to follow, 72 page instructional book, Mike Stinnett shares the techniques and tips he has gained through more than a decade of experience carving rattlesnake walking sticks.

  • Step by Step Instructions: Complete instructions are given for every stage of the process of making a rattlesnake walking stick from start to finish with diagrams and photos.

  • Tool Suggestions to Enhance Speed and Efficiency: A list of tools is given that can be used to make this walking stick.  Full color photos make it easy to identify the tools for use on the project and also when searching to purchase the tools.

  • Selecting and Curing Wood: Tips on selecting and curing the wood plus a description of the wood types that Mike has used are given.  He also shares his experiences with each type of wood.

  • Design and Layout:  Tips on how to lay out your design with confidence.

  • Wood Burning the Scales and Details: Mike shares the tricks he has learned from years of experience to layout and burn the snake's scales even on curves and hard to reach areas.

  • Painting the diamondback: Clear instructions on how to paint the diamondback pattern including the brand of the paint and the name of the colors.  A simple technique shows how to diminish the "painted" look and achieve a more natural appearance.

  • Creating a Knurled Hand Grip: Also included is instructions to create a knurled hand grip which gives your staff a high class look and feel.

  • Finishing: Mike shares what he uses to show off the grain of your wood and add an element of protection for your beautiful artwork.

Experience the joy of carving as you create your very own rattlesnake walking stick using Mike Stinnett's clear instructions and colorful photos. Mike has been working on the process of carving wildlife themed walking sticks for more than ten years, and his tips and techniques will save you years of struggle.


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Christian Historic Fiction

By my daughter, Theresa Stinnett
The Treasure of Netherstrand Front Cover 7 12 2019 seth dark hair copy.jpg
Book 1 in the Treasure of Netherstrand Series

A legendary poem whispers words of mystery about a long-hiddden treasure in Netherstrand Hall: an extravagant resort in Victorian North Devon. That is why Charles Hannover, a miserly businessman, bought the ancient castle in the first place. Money is always foremost in his mind as he watches the sightseers pour in by the droves to visit his grand estate. Too caught up in business to even think of searching for the hidden treasure, he has every reason to hope for riches as the owner of such an attraction. But when Hannover finds and hires a street urchin as his errand boy, everything in his life begins to change. Breaking into Hannover's gloomy, stressful life, Timothy becomes a mystery almost as deep to Hannover as the legend of the treasure itself. What is it that keeps joy shining in the child's eyes? What makes life so delightful to him? As time goes on, Hannover has to wonder, could it be that this penniless waif has what his heart has always secretly craved? The riches of  a soul which is full of the peace and joy of God. And, when Timothy begins stumbling upon old riddles throughout the castle, could it be that this plucky little boy is the only one capable of solving Netherstrand's mystery? Teaming up, the money-loving businessman and his sunny-natured errand boy delve into the depths of the castle's secrets. But there are footsteps in the shadows; and unnerving scenarios make Hannover fear that they are not the only ones getting close to finding the treasure. As he races to solve the mystery before any other hand can touch his treasure, Hannover finds himself gaining a far greater prize than money. And as Timothy's nature and zeal for Christ draws his heart, he finds himself longing for much more than silver or gold. The question is, will he find what he's really searching for?

The Treasure of Netherstrand

The Gentleman's Treasure FC 2020 08 30 kindle cover.jpg
Book 2 in the Treasure of Netherstrand Series

After solving the mystery of Netherstrand Hall and surviving life-threatening peril, Charles Hannover wanted nothing more than to adopt Timothy, his plucky errand boy, and settle down to a quiet life in the west country of England. Just as that wish seemed to be coming true, Hannover and Timothy were thrown into a new mystery. Facts prove that Timothy isn’t the parentless urchin he imagined himself to be. He has a mother: Rhoda Stinch, a poor widowed hatmaker in the slums of London. But why can’t Timothy remember her? How were they separated so long ago? As he and Hannover go in search of answers, they find themselves falling into a more dangerous mystery than they had anticipated—one which may rob Charles Hannover of what he values the most. As he struggles against the plot of a devious enemy, he knows it will take more than his own strength to hold on; it will take his heart fully trusting and surrendering to the will of God.This is the second book in the Treasure of Netherstrand series

The Gentleman's Treasure

A Hero at Heart Official FC.jpg

A Hero at Heart

Book 1 in the Hero at Heart Series

Emiline lives in a tiny country town during the late 1800's. But her big imagination sweeps her away to distant lands full of fair maidens, danger and heroism. She dreams of doing something brave someday: saving a life, finding a treasure...but does she really have what it takes? As she is faced with needy neighbors and the school bully, whom she has learned to hate, her courage is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to the poor? Worst of all, can she find it within herself to swallow her pride and help her enemy? Facing her worst fears and her own faults, she turns to God for help. Ultimately, she learns that Jesus is the greatest hero of all.

1 richest heart Lily with train and green forest darker edges copy.jpg

The Richest Heart

Book 2 in the Hero at Heart Series

Emiline dreams of being a fair lady. She longs for drama, fashion, cities and fancy tea parties. But as a twelve-year-old, farm girl in the late 1800's, those things seem to be out of her reach. Meanwhile, a mystery begins to grow as she and her best friend find the ruins of a burnt house hidden in the forest. Unraveling the story of a family quarrel and a fatal tragedy, she searches for clues and answers. Who had lived there? What had happened? Had anyone survived? Her dramatic quest and imaginative dreams carry her away. Could the town gossiper, Mrs. Bufford, be her only hope of finding answers? And when all of her dreams seem to come true, will she really be satisfied? Or will she discover that contentment comes from a simple life and that the richest heart is the one which is full of Christ's love?

Courageous Heart  wordpress.jpg

A Courageous Heart

Book 3 in the Hero at Heart Series

Thirteen-year-old Emiline Elmwood wants to be courageous. She dreams of daring battles and heroic missions. But, that doesn't keep her from feeling afraid when her simple life in the West takes a perilous turn. As she and her friend, Peter McDougall, explore the wild woods, they find a little more adventure than they bargained for. Winter's storms become perilously cold and there's something strange about the cave they find in the hills. The sense of coming danger makes Emiline feel uneasy. Could it just be her imagination? Or has something or someone been watching their every move? Danger lurks around every corner and its enough to put both Emma and Peter on their guard. Will they be brave enough to face their enemy? Or will they find their courage pushed to its limit and discover that only faith in Christ can strengthen them in their hour of peril?

shadow's secret thunder dad and seth epic 3 share.jpg

Shadow's Secret

Trapped behind the iron fence of an orphanage in Victorian England, Phillip and the other orphans can only dream of freedom. Then, a door of escape opens, and his unhappy life transforms into a glorious dream. With a new start, he rejoices in the refuge he has found and feels sure that he will never have to face the sorrows of his past again. But, can this dream he’s living be real? Or will it fade away like all dreams do? When one, long-kept secret comes to light, he finds himself thrown into an adventure as unexpected as it is perilous.

SMALLER Theresa Stinnett with Shadows Secret.png

Theresa Stinnett is a self-published author of Christian historic fiction novels. Her hope is that she can share her love for Jesus and for the truth through each of her stories. When she isn't writing, Theresa is usually creating one of the latest Youtube videos for Stinnett Sticks!

Theresa Stinnett

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Graphic Novels & Comics

By our Daughter, Heather Stinnett

Unfading Joy.JPG

Unfading Joy

Dave the bear is out enjoying his day when he accidentally gets on the bad side of a grouchy ground squirrel. Will this happy day come to an unpleasant end? Or does the bear hold a secret joy that keeps him from letting the crotchety critter get him down in the dumps? Find out in this heartwarming story.

Genre: christian, comedy, drama

This story is now available on as a paperback and kindle book.

Unfading Joy pg. 2.JPG

Heather Stinnett is a Christian Author and Illustrator. Her ambition is to spread the light of Jesus by creating clean books and graphic novels that inspire people to live pure and righteous lives for God. When she isn't drawing or writing, she spends her time managing her families online business.

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