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Our New Book is Now Available

 For years people have asked me to share the details of how I make a rattlesnake walking stick. So along with the help of my family, I have written a fully illustrated and detailed, how-to-carve a diamondback rattlesnake walking stick book. I hope that this guide will help save you time and frustration as you carve your own functional artwork.

We are also excited to announce that we have a new carving tutorial video!

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This video tutorial demonstrates the step by step process of carving a Mojave green rattlesnake walking stick from start to finish. This is the same carving project that is taught in the "How to Carve a Rattlensake Walking Stick" book and will make a good companion.

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In this easy to follow, 72 page instructional book, Mike Stinnett shares the techniques and tips he has gained through more than a decade of experience carving rattlesnake walking sticks.

  • Step by Step Instructions: Complete instructions are given for every stage of the process of making a rattlesnake walking stick from start to finish with diagrams and photos.

  • Tool Suggestions to Enhance Speed and Efficiency: A list of tools is given that can be used to make this walking stick.  Full color photos make it easy to identify the tools for use on the project and also when searching to purchase the tools.

  • Selecting and Curing Wood: Tips on selecting and curing the wood plus a description of the wood types that Mike has used are given.  He also shares his experiences with each type of wood.

  • Design and Layout:  Tips on how to lay out your design with confidence.

  • Wood Burning the Scales and Details: Mike shares the tricks he has learned from years of experience to layout and burn the snake's scales even on curves and hard to reach areas.

  • Painting the diamondback: Clear instructions on how to paint the diamondback pattern including the brand of the paint and the name of the colors.  A simple technique shows how to diminish the "painted" look and achieve a more natural appearance.

  • Creating a Knurled Hand Grip: Also included is instructions to create a knurled hand grip which gives your staff a high class look and feel.

  • Finishing: Mike shares what he uses to show off the grain of your wood and add an element of protection for your beautiful artwork.

Experience the joy of carving as you create your very own rattlesnake walking stick using Mike Stinnett's clear instructions and colorful photos. Mike has been working on the process of carving wildlife themed walking sticks for more than ten years, and his tips and techniques will save you years of struggle.


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