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Theresa Stinnett
Videographer, Video Editor, Musician, Author, Illustrator

Theresa is Mike's youngest daughter and has been working close beside him ever since Stinnett Sticks began. She enjoys teaming up with Mike and Pearl as they film and edit videos, record music, and brain-storm about future carving and art books together.

TT at work small.jpg

Theresa spends a lot of time editing all the video clips and adjusting the sound. 


Here Mike is playing the harmonica as they record the song titled

"Doing What I Want To"



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Latest Release

Magician's sons1.jpg
Magician's sons2.jpg

The Magician's Sons is a prequel in her
"Treasure of Netherstrand"  trilogy.

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In addition to writing novels, Theresa also writes and illustrates children's books.

You can keep up on Theresa's latest picturebook projects and new releases by following her on Instagram & by visiting her website

2024-02-15 Huckleberry Pie Front Cover small.jpg

Now Available

Huckleberry Pie is an exciting woodland adventure.  It follows the story of a little hedgehog named Archie.


All Archie wants is to pick enough huckleberries to bake a pie. But his greedy neighbors won't share with him and shoo him away from  the berry patch. So, Archie goes in search of a berry patch of his very own. It turns into a very big adventure! But even though others were unkind to him, when he finds someone in need, Archie isn't selfish. He's more than happy to share what he has with her.

Huckleberry Pie will be the first book in The Adventures of Archie Hedgehog series and focuses on encouraging children to show kindness and have sharing hearts.

Tilford's Secret Place Share.jpg


A Baby in the House is the first book in the Tilford Green series which teaches little ones valuable lessons about good behavior through the experiences of piglet named Tilford and his sister Rosie. Theresa hopes to make the first three books in the series available as one volume on soon after the launch of Huckleberry Pie.

Solo the Lucky Duck Front Cover insta.jpg

Solo the Lucky Duck

Solo the Lucky duck was written by Jim Gillispie and tells the true story of how Jim saved and raised an abandoned duckling. Theresa was honored to be the illustrator of this heartwarming book.

We hope to continue updating this page with upcoming works and new book releases.

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