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Rattlesnake Cane #115 is finished and ready for sale! Carved from a single piece of Lodgepole Pine, the Rattlesnake is "Ready to Strike"!

This walking Cane has been in the works for over 5 weeks. This was the first time I made a snake with a figure-eight shape, and working around the tight curves was a real challenge.

It has a high-gloss finish on the cane shaft and handle, and I added the classic two-part hiking tip to finish it off.

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After about a month of tedious work, Mike's rattlesnake cane is nearly finished, and will soon be available in our online store!
Please be sure to follow Mike's social media to see the notice that will be posted there and posted here on our website when it is finished. There will also be a push notification for our members and followers that have the mobile app.

Carved from a Single Piece of Wood

This cane was carved out of a single piece of Lodge-pole Pine by Mike Stinnett.
Measures approximately: 36 inches.


Paint to Finish

Some of Mike's next stages to completing this cane are: finish adding paint to the scales and eyes, staining the shaft of the stick, placing a cane tip to the end of the stick, and adding a polyurethane finish to the snake and shaft.


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Here in Easter Oregon, the beautiful wildflowers are in bloom, the fawns can be seen frolicking with their mothers, and the mountains turn a blue and purple haze in the early morning light.
In this post we have selected Mikes work that reflects this beautiful time of year, which can be purchased from our online store.


Original Paintings


Mountain Meadow

Wild flowers such as: Lupine, Indian Paintbrush, and Yarrow, can be seen in this beautiful oil painting of a high meadow stream. The blue mountains in the distance are iconic to Oregon's beautiful landscapes.


Flower Bed

What better place to sleep than on a bed of wildflowers?
This Mule Deer doe and her fawn may have found the perfect place to bed-down.
In addition to Lupine and Indian Paintbrush are the sunshine colored flowers of Arrowleaf Balsam Root.

Painted in Acrylic on Watercolor paper and mounted on a Masonite board. The painting is specially treated and does not have to be framed behind glass.


Lupine and Warbler

A Yellow-rumped Warbler has perched itself in a bed of Lupines on a misty morning. Unlike other Warblers who retreat to warmer climates during the winter months, these Yellow-rumped Warblers are said to stay in Oregon all year long.

Created in Acrylic on Masonite.


Fine Art Prints


Gold Finch and Thistles

The American Goldfinch always stand out like a beacon among their surroundings, especially against the purple hues of Thistle flowers. Eating primarily seeds, the seeds of the Milk Thistle is the Warbler's preferred food source.

The original painting was created in Acrylic on Watercolor paper. Now available as a fine art print.


Thistle and Swallowtail Butterfly

Another beautiful combination of Purple and Yellow is displayed with this Acrylic painting of a Swallowtail butterfly and Milk Thistle. The Milk Thistle is native to Europe, and was introduced to Eastern Oregon in the late 1800's. It is now widespread in the area and is enjoyed by birds and insects for their seeds and nectar. The Swallowtail butterfly only resides in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and South-central British Columbia.


Juniper Blue Bird

There's nothing more delightful while strolling by the Juniper trees in the open high country, than to see a Mountain bluebird flitting and flying among the branches.

The original painting was created in Acrylic paint on Watercolor paper. Now available as a fine art print.


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post and are also enjoying one of the most beautiful parts of the summer!

You can check out the rest of Mike's Work here:


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