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Happy New Year 2024! from Stinnett Sticks

Happy 2024!

Happy New Year, my friends! I want to thank you all for your support of my work and watching my videos! Early last year, I had a real challenge making the most complicated piece of work I had ever done; the Collared Lizard walking stick. After that I decided to do a few easier snake walking sticks. The Blacktailed Rattlesnake cane was a lot of fun and I'm proud to have it featured on the cover of Treeline's 2024 catalog. I think I'm about ready to tackle another complicated project. Hopefully, soon, I will be carving a desert tortoise project which will take a lot of studying as I don't have any good references other than online photos. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, though!


My Current Project will Soon

be Available in My Store

Right now I'm working on a western rattlesnake walking stick. This is the local species of rattlesnake that I have always had to avoid stepping on around here. I should have it done in a couple of weeks and hope to offer it for sale on my website. We'll be sure to let you all know when it's available.


We have added E-Gift Cards to Our Shop

Applies to my artwork only. It does not include carving courses or music.


My Carving Course is

on Sale for $34.99 till January 7th

Our New Years Sale is almost over!

In this 45 minute, instructional video, Mike Stinnett shares the techniques and tips he has gained through more than a decade of experience of carving rattlesnake walking sticks. When you purchase this tutorial video, you will have unlimited access to it, here, and you can also download it for personal use.

  • Step by Step Instructions

  • Tool Suggestions

  • Selecting and Curing Wood 

  • Design and Layout

  • Wood Burning the Scales and Details -Plus Making Custom Burn Tips 

  • Painting the diamondback 

  • Creating a Knurled Hand Grip

  • Finishing

Experience joy from carving as you create your very own rattlesnake walking stick using Mike Stinnett's clear instructions and colorful photos. Mike has been working on the process of carving wildlife themed walking sticks for over ten years, and his tips and techniques will save you years of struggle.


Featured Artwork

This painting features Fields Peak, an area that is teaming with wildlife
including: Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Wild Turkey.

A beautiful Cottontail Rabbit has found a shelter under the protective cover of a wild rose bush. The small creature is feeling the warmth of the morning sun after a cold winter's night.

The Bobcat is the smallest wildcat in Oregon.
This one has caught himself a Ruffed Grouse for dinner.

Here in Oregon, us hunters love our Mule Deer. They are beautiful and graceful animals. We chuckle during hunting season, though, because the big bucks are often bedded down safely in town.

A small Winter Wren lights atop a dried up thistle on a misty day. He will only stay there for a moment and then will disappear into the fog.

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Hey Mike , Happy New Year back at you and your family . I PRAY the LORD will bless you all this year and keep you safe and well . Hope you bagged your game & filled the frig and so cherish those memories . Can't wait to see the next carving video & the trips outdoors . In the name above all names " JESUS our Savior " ............................ken

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