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Carving Course SALE~ How to Carve a Rattlesnake Walking Stick by Mike Stinnett

My carving course on how to carve a rattlesnake walking stick is ON SALE NOW for only $34.99! Regularly $49.99. Ends 1/7/2024.

In this 45 minute, instructional video, Mike Stinnett shares the techniques and tips he has gained through more than a decade of experience of carving rattlesnake walking sticks. When you purchase this tutorial video, you will have unlimited access to it, here, and you can also download it for personal use.

  • Step by Step Instructions

  • Tool Suggestions

  • Selecting and Curing Wood

  • Design and Layout

  • Wood Burning the Scales and Details -Plus Making Custom Burn Tips

  • Painting the diamondback

  • Creating a Knurled Hand Grip

  • Finishing

Experience joy from carving as you create your very own rattlesnake walking stick using Mike Stinnett's clear instructions and colorful photos. Mike has been working on the process of carving wildlife themed walking sticks for over ten years, and his tips and techniques will save you years of struggle.

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