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Working on Walking Stick #113


After finishing the Collared Lizard and Cholla Cactus walking stick, Mike got right back to work on a rattlesnake staff that he had roughed out earlier.


The stage he's at right now is adding paint to the snake's scales. His next step will be staining the staff. Lastly, he will apply a protective coat of polyurethane to the whole stick.

We'll give an update next week and hope to put this walking stick in the shop soon!


Pearl continues to act as quality control expert and helps to advise Mike on how he can perfect his techniques. Haha!

Earlier stage with Mike, wood burning the scales into the snake.

She's also a good watchdog, and is always on duty to protect him from cats, squirrels, blue jays, and the occasional jogger.


Spring is finally here and we hope you all are outside enjoying it!



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